NOBIDAN Members Contributions to Our Communities

Long Wang, PhD, MD, RDN  


Before coming to the US to pursue a PhD in Foods and Nutrition at Purdue University, Dr. Wang received his medical training in China. He completed his post-doctoral training at UC Davis Medical Center, where his research focused on metabolic syndrome, and later joined academia as a nutrition professor.  Currently, Dr. Wang is on the faculty of California State University, Long Beach where his teaching portfolio includes upper division and graduate courses in the areas of metabolism, advanced nutrition, nutrition assessment and medical nutrition therapy. His collaborative research includes sports nutrition, chronic diseases, and nutrition education of underserved populations. One active project in 2014 involves a series of taste and speech tests in a case of Isolated Congenital Aglossia, a rare condition where a person is born without the tongue. He and his colleagues are planning on two international symposiums on this condition, to be held in Los Angeles and Rio de Janeiro, respectively.


Dr. Wang's passion in nutrition and dietetics lies in his firm personal belief that nutrition and exercise are the two pillars of a healthy lifestyle. During his residency at a provincial cancer center in China, Dr. Wang observed the suffering of many terminal cancer patients and their loved ones.  Considering the essential role nutrition plays in prevention, he became motivated to pursue a career in this field.


Since his initial training was in medicine and lab-based research, Dr. Wang made a major career shift when he decided to become a dietitian. Like many of his students, he completed DPD courses and the internship while working two jobs. Because of this commonality of experiences, these trying times in fact help Dr. Wang to better relate and empathize with his students. He has come to realize that the students are what make his job in academia all worthwhile.


In terms of Dr. Wang's professional affiliations, he is a member of multiple DPGs and MIGs. Since 2011, he has served on the Executive Committee of CADN and currently, serve as Chair, Policy Advocacy Leader, and a mentor.


Dr. Wang joined NOBIDAN in 2010 and has always been touched and impressed by the passion and enthusiasm of his fellow NOBIDAN members. As a professor and mentor, he particularly appreciates the benefits and opportunities NOBIDAN provides for students, interns, and young dietitians. Dr. Wang was extremely gratified to see some of the NOBIDAN members at FNCE 2014 who were student members two years ago with sponsorship support from senior NOBIDAN members.  These NOBIDAN student members who attended FNCE 2013 as dietetic interns are now newly dietitians.  As a mentor, it is quite rewarding for Dr. Wang to see students make these professional transitions over the years.  


If you would like to learn more about the research projects that Dr. Long Wang is working on you can follow him on


Tambra Raye Stevenson, MS, CPT  


Tambra Raye Stevenson is a nutrition justice advocate, nutrition educator, and founder of NativSol Kitchen, who helps empower people to create new kitchen traditions and heal their meals. She is NOBIDAN's Public Policy Chair and her passion is far-reaching. Tambra is a trusted national media source on food and community issues, as well as an international delegate speaking on African youth employment related to food security and agriculture.  She has served in federal and local government addressing women and girls, minority business and public health matters.

The White House invited the Oklahoma native to support First Lady Obama's Let's Move initiative, given her work in the Faith and Communities on the Move. Tambra has given keynote talks, cooking demos, and workshops for the U.S. Library of Congress, Smithsonian Folklife Festival, NBC Health & Fitness Expo, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Howard University, Greater Washington Urban League, American Public Health Association, Green Festival, NAACP, National Association of Black Journalists, and W.K. Kellogg Foundation

Tambra completed a bachelor's degree in Human Nutrition/Pre-medical Sciences and a Spanish minor at Oklahoma State University (OSU), after receiving a full scholarship. She gained experience in clinical nutrition, community nutrition, and foodservice management, covering ethnic cuisine and nutritional disparities in underserved communities, during her dietetic internship at Dominican University. She also has a M.S. in Health Communication from the Tufts University School of Medicine/Emerson College Joint Program and a global health communication certificate from the New York University-World Health Organization joint program.

Tambra has conducted nutrition research at the prestigious Harvard School of Public HealthUniversity of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and Baylor College of Medicine/Texas Childrens' Hospital. She has studied public health abroad at Ponticifia Universidad Catolica Madre y Maestra in Dominican Republic as a David Boren National Security Education Scholar.

JoAnn Pegues, MPA, RD

JoAnn Pegues believes that retirement offers so many great opportunities to be more involved in different projects than anyone could ever manage while working...
During her 30 year career with the US Administration on Aging in DHHS, she traveled throughout the United States working with States and Tribal organizations to improve the health and nutritional status of older adults. JoAnn is currently serving a 3 year term on the Caring for Colorado Foundation Board of Directors. This foundation is dedicated to improving the health and health care of the people of Colorado.  More recently JoAnn was appointed to the Metro CareRing Board of Trustees to provide nutrition expertise.    This organization provides nutritious food to hungry families and individuals while promoting self-sufficiency.
When she retired, she was asked by a non-profit organization to manage a Diabetes Self-Management program.  Throughout a course of 6 years she was involved in this 6 week community based program that provided education once a week, targeted to the African American Community, to people with diabetes, at risk for diabetes or giving care to someone with diabetes.  JoAnn currently keeps busy by leading a health ministry at her church which focuses on health related activities and education opportunities within her community.
JoAnn's cook book, Simple Soulful Savory, was inspired by her family more specifically her grandchildren. Her family enjoys eating and learning how to prepare her foods which motivated her to write this cookbook. Her book consists of her recipes she has been collecting over the years that were modified into healthy dishes. Simple Soulful Savory was recently featured in the Denver Post Newspaper and was featured on "Colorado and Company" a local news program during National Nutrition Month. Through this program JoAnn was able to demonstrate one of her recipes from her book emphasizing the importance of "Enjoying the Taste of Eating Right".
Over the years JoAnn have served in various positions both elected and volunteer in the State and National Dietetic Associations and have been a member of NOBIDAN since its formation. She extends her happiness to see the NOBIDAN organization growing and all of the young and older dietitians being involved. It's really important to keep moving forward and promoting our profession and our members.
 Bernice Perry Perkins, RDN

I serve as the Ministry Leader for Body & Soul, A Celebration of Healthy Eating and Living, at New Zion Baptist Church, Williamsburg, VA. The program focuses on getting African Americans to eat more fruits and vegetables, to be physically active, to practice disease prevention and get periodic health screenings. I was on a panel discussion session where I was able to discuss about how I was able to implement the Body & Soul program in a church setting. I have recently did a lecture presentation at the 2013 FNCE ® in Houston, Texas on Preaching Healthy Food Choices in Faith-Based Communities. 
Leslene Gordon, PhD, RD, LD

In partnership with varied systems partners, Tampa’s Mayor and County Commission Chair, the Florida Department of Health in Hillsborough County, Florida hosted a one-day summit to examine how, working together, our community could accelerate progress in reducing the weight of Hillsborough County. 

Segments of the program were produced and aired on local television. The TV program was moderated by Nobidan member Leslene Gordon, PhD, RD, LD, Community Health Director of the health department in Hillsborough County.

Summit presenters from the Institute of Medicine's (IOM) committee on Solutions for Accelerating Progress in Reducing the Weight of the Nation, presented specific evidence-based guidelines for addressing obesity. Nobidan members will benefit from learning about these national IOM recommendations,  and my access the program via the YouTube links below.

Part I:   What's the Problem? 

Part II:  Recommendations for Action 

Part III: Proposed Local Actions, Moving Forward

Dr. Evelyn Crayton EdD, RDN, LDN 

Dr. Crayton and others from Auburn University School of Engineering are exploring community collaboration with Dr. Jocelyn Peterson, Chair of Family and Consumer Sciences and the Head of the School of Nursing at the University of the Southern Caribbean, the Ministry of Health and a local hospital in Trinidad/Tobago.  The group traveled to Trinidad in July, 2013.   The university has sought and received approval of their didactic program in dietetics.  Their first student has enrolled in the ISPP at Dominican University and hope to begin her rotations in the US in 2014.

She presented at the third annual conference on Critical Issues in Dietetics; Food as the Centre, held in Wolfville, Nova Scotia (Canada) in August, 2013.  She presented a call to action on the issue of “Hunger as a Critical Issue in Dietetics”.

On January 1st, 2014, Dr. Crayton became the Professor Emeritus of Nutrition and Dietetics and Hospitality Management at Auburn University.  She is also the new President Elect of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.