Interested in Dietetics?

Dietetics is the science and art of applying the principles of food and nutrition to health. It's a vital, growing profession with many career possibilities.

Are you interested in becoming a registered dietitian? Start by visiting the Student Center on the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetic's website.


$10 membership per year.  Scholarships are available for Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics members, contact us to obtain information  regarding NOBIDAN membership.

You can also access further information about NOBIDAN on our Online Brochure.  Click here to access the NOBIDAN brochure.  You must be a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics before applying for NOBIDAN Membership. Click here to sign up.


  • Mentorship
If you are interested in becoming a protege or a mentor, then email the NOBIDAN Secretary, Koran Watson MS, RDN, LDN  – ([email protected] )
  • Networking with African-American dietitians and other Academy professionals nationwide.
  • Are You A Student Interested In Attending FNCE?
  • Become a Student Host at FNCE
    Student members enrolled in an approved pre-professional curriculum or graduate program for fall have the opportunity to serve as Student Hosts at the Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo. Student Hosts must register prior to FNCE at a substantially reduced rate of $35, in exchange for providing event assistance and seven to nine hours of volunteer service during the conference. Student Hosts get the rare opportunity to network with peers behind the scenes and to meet leaders in the profession. Applications open August 1 and close August 17.
  • 2018/19 NOBIDAN Professional Development Scholarship
  • NOBIDAN provides Professional Development Scholarships for our student members. The scholarships are awarded to student members who have worked with NOBIDAN on various projects. 

  • Our vision is two fold: To encourage practicing professionals to work with students and to offer students the experience of working on committees within this Member Interest Group and to share their special talents by assisting NOBIDAN to execute our projects.

  • Scholarships are available to all students who are or who become NOBIDAN members within the fiscal year.  Application forms detailing eligibility requirements can be obtained at this website. Scholarship recipients will be announced at the annual FNCE event, posted on our NOBIDAN website and spotlighted in the  newsletter. 

    Deadline for applications and completion of performance requirements will be posted to this site usually by the end of June. Come back for the announcement, but in the meantime, join a NOBIDAN committee. Click here on the list of NOBIDAN Committees.
  • The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation has managed the NOBIDAN scholarship since 1996. The NOBIDAN scholarship is part of the Foundation Scholarship program and provides three yearly scholarships of $500. The Academy Foundation also funds the CDR diversity scholarship which provides 20, $5,000 scholarships on an annual basis.  Students can apply for these scholarships by completing the Foundation scholarship application which can be found here:  Request for the "NOBIDAN Scholarship" when applying!
    The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics membership is required, so students will have to log in to access applications.  

Colleges with Dietetic Programs

Here is a list of some of the collegiate programs with majors in nutrition and dietetics. More information can be found on the Academy Student Center website. Please contact us or an ADA representative if you want a more complete list.

Prairie View A&M Students presenting at the 2010 Pre FNCE Workshop